What is a microfiber?

Microfiber is a collective name for fibers, which are finer than 1 decitex.

Microfiber mesh being extraordinarily soft and shape-retaining can be produced from synthetic or natural materials. The fineness of microfibers is between 0,3 und 0,8 dtex. Natural fibers like cotton have a fineness between 1,5 bis 2,5 dtex, new wool fibres are measured between 3 bis 6 dtex and the fineness of silk is around 1,3 dtex.

The fibers cross section depends on its density . Generally the density of a microfiber lies in between 3 und 10 µm. For comparison a human hair of head has a cross section between 50 und 70 µm.

Besides the traditional coating of leather, HELCOR also ennobles microfiber by the means of a patented finishing technology under the name HELTEX. A razor-thin polyurethane layer is applied on silicone moulds which are produced inhouse. With a mix of waterborne chemicals, pressure and heat emerges hence the HELTEX microfiber.

Naturally this kind of finishing opens a huge variety of design ideas, whereby HELTEX becomes an attractive alternative to other materials not only out of cost aspects.