Founded in 1990 by Phillip Schaefer, Hans-Wilhelm Strebost und Rudolf Ebeling, HELCOR concentrates on the ennoblement of split leather, microfibre and bonded leather.

Phillip Schaefers patent has always been and still is the basis for a world innovation, which was offered back then mainly into the shoe upper and leather goods segment.

Gradually success was also achieved in the automotive field. HELCOR leathers were used in the trim of door panels, seating, shift knobs, etc. and saved car manufacturers a lot of costs.

Up to date HELCOR manufactures materials from leather, microfibre and bonded leather for the Automotive segment, Shoe Upper Leather, Bag and Accessory leather, as well as for all kinds of upholstery leather, by using most modern and sustainable technologies

The patented and unique finishing technology allows the application of an extremely thin polyurethane film onto silicone moulds, which are produced in-house.

Leather remains therefore breathable, as well as water vapour- and air permeable and complies with all leather relevant specifications. It can therefore unrestrictedly be called "real leather".

Almost every imaginable surface can be moulded using these silicone moulds. This and the fact that absolutely uniform material grades can be produced with this technology, opens an extremely wide range for design ideas.

The environment is our future! Jointly with its sister company HELLER-LEDER  HELCOR actively pursues the protection of our environment by investing into optimised technologies, energy management and disposal systems.

HELCOR - Discover diversity!

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